• 2020 Tennis Rules & Regulations

  • General

    The Lenox Club has two har-tru (clay) courts for use by its members during the tennis season which, while generally from mid-April through October, is at the discretion of Club management depending upon the weather. Use of the courts by members is free of charge.

  • Court Reservations

    1. Courts may be reserved not more than 3 days in advance by members. Reservations are to be made using the online Lenox Club tennis reservation website. When making the tennis reservation, the member must state the names of all persons who will be playing, including non-member guests; also whether they are taking a tennis lesson with a paid instructor or coach. If no names are listed on the reservation, it will be presumed the member is playing doubles with 3 non-member guests and he/she will be billed @$30 accordingly. The Tennis Committee, with approval of the Lenox Club, reserves the right to set aside time slots for Lenox Club organized tennis events.
    2. Courts may be reserved for a maximum of two hours of play per session. A member may only reserve one court, namely the one on which s/he will be playing.
    3. If players for either court fail to appear within 15 minutes of the reserved time, the reservation is forfeited and any member may thereafter use that court, subject to signing-up as per 4 below.Sign-ups online are required. Sign-ups for unreserved courts are on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Guest Play

    1. Members may sponsor up to 3 guests for doubles and 1 guest for singles per court reservation.
    2. Each guest may play only if sponsored by a member and no guest may play more than 15 times total per season.
    3. The sponsoring member must be present during the entire time of play which includes her or his guests.
    4. Each guest of a member may play at a charge of $10/session, with all guest charges being billed to the account of the sponsoring member who reserved the court. Visiting house guests and family (living more than 50 miles away) may play with the member for free. Members may arrange for their grandchildren under 21 to play at no charge by registering the names of their grandchildren with the bookkeeper in advance.
    5. Members are permitted to bring a tennis instructor or coach from outside the Club for instructional or competitive purposes. Each member’s session with an instructor or coach shall be treated as a non-member guest session and be charged $10/session, unless the instructor or coach is a member of the Lenox Club.
    6. Guests are not permitted to bring a tennis instructor or coach from outside the Club for instructional or competitive purposes.
    7. If a member makes a reservation for a court without (a) naming the persons who are playing, (b) naming whether the players are other members of the Lenox Club, or (c) indicating whether the court is being reserved for singles or doubles, the member will be deemed to have made a reservation for 3 non-member guests and will be charged $30/session accordingly.
  • Court Etiquette

    1. Players are required to sweep the court and roll the lines after each session of play.
    2. All trash is to be removed from the court after play.
    3. The sponsoring member will be responsible to ensure that all Lenox Club rules are followed during each tennis session.
    4. Courtesy and good sportsmanship are essential.
  • Dress Code

    1. Proper tennis attire is required and consists of proper tennis shoes and tennis clothing. Proper tennis shoes must be worn by anyone who walks on the court.
    2. Shirts must be worn at all times.
    3. Balls marked “ALL Court” or “regular duty” or “Use on clay courts” must be used.
  • Prohibited Activities

    1. No food is allowed within the fenced perimeter of the courts and no beverages other than water or sports drinks are allowed within this same area.
    2. Smoking is prohibited.
    3. No game other than tennis may be played on the courts.
    4. No play on a tennis court is permitted if the court is wet or if the court is damaged in any way, including such possibilities as a broken net, blemished tennis lines, tree limbs on the court, or any obvious danger to play.
    5. All tennis play is at the sole risk of each tennis player and the Lenox Club does not assume any liability for damage to persons or property because of the condition of either tennis court or of any tennis-related equipment.